Munkmarsch, Sylt

Munkmarsch, Sylt

Munkmarsch, Sylt

25 980 Munkmarsch / Sylt (D), Paner

  • Acquisition of an undeveloped open space in the centre of the village
  • Rededication and project planning / new construction


Beautifully located, developed plot in the village of Munkmarsch. The Wadden Sea is only a five-minute walk away.

In the old days, this village was the most important ferry port on Sylt island. From here, trains took arriving guests to the newly developed seaside resort of Westerland. Today, Munkmarsch is ideal for guests who want to visit the White Cliff and enjoy the tranquillity of the mudflats.

Key data

Living/usable space: in the planning
Land plot: ca. 4.000 sqm
Type of use: Permanent residence / holiday rental
Operator: in the planning